Aroma Shower Gel : Lavender + Lumduan

Aroma Shower Gel : Lavender + Lumduan
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After the long day from work, nothing is better than to wind down and reward yourself with great shower products from Hohm Skin + Senses.  No matter it will be a bath or a shower, you will absoulutely enjoy the aroma and feel relax just like you are using 5 stars spa right at your home. 
And because, the good skin care regime starts with the right shower products. So we must choose the quality bath and shower products that won't either wipe away our natural skin moisturisers or consist of harsh chemicals that cause skin irritation or skin cancer.  Hohm Skin + Senses bath and shower products are all natural and SLS free. You can be certain of the safety and that your skin won't be tight or dry after your shower. You will enjoy the aroma during your shower and notice the smooth and clean skin when your shower is done.
Hohm Skin + Senses has 2 unique scent of Aroma Shower Gel for you to enjoy !
Let's see the benefits of the natural extract we selected to use in our bath and shower products.
Aroma Shower Gel : Lavender + Lamduan
Lavender is the queen of the herbs.  Besides, its gorgeous scent, it has lots of benefits to offer.  The scent helps release the stress, fight insomnia and help people to sleep restfully. For beauty, it help prevent wrinkle, reduce dark age spots, reduce acne. anti-inflammatory.
Lamduan is a beautiful Thai flowers that smell very nice, pleasant and sensual. Thai woman in ancient time use Lamduan flower to decorate their hair or put in bedroom to make the room smell nice for a relaxing mood. and yet sensual. It also has sedative properties and help with anxiety.


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