Shea Butter Body Lotion : Lavender + Cork Tree

Shea Butter Body Lotion : Lavender + Cork Tree
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The beauty regime can not be completed without applying the moisturiser. Hohm Skin + Senses always select the best natural ingredients of Thai flowers / herbs and from the other part of the world in our products. We want to offer an experience of five stars spa luxury at your home.  We are pride and proud to create new formula or scent for people all over the world to enjoy our products.
Always pat yourself dry with towel before putting on your moisturisers. This is to help  our skin restore the natural moisture and to give our skin the extra help to enrich the skin cell for a soft smooth supple and radiant skin.  We recommend to always apply the moisturisers / massage oil in the upward motion. You will feel the different when doing so ! 
Hohm Skin + Senses has variety of body lotion for you to choose and enjoy. 
Shea Butter Body Lotion : Lavender + Cork Tree
Thailand has a lots of herbs and beautiful flowers but most people, both the local Thai and the Foreigner only know few of them. So it's become our intention to promote more of Thai flowers and herbs to be known and become popular to the world !
Our founder has worked with The Scent Specialist to creat the new scent that combine Thai flowers or herbs to the herbs and flowers from the other part of the world.  And the result is this divine scent of Lavender with (Thai) Cork Tree or Dok Peep in Thai. 
Let's see the benefits of the natural extract we selected to use in our body lotion products.
Lavender is the queen of the herbs.  Besides,  its gorgeous scent, it has lots of benefits to offer.  The scent helps release the stress, fight insomnia and help people to sleep restfully. For beauty, it help prevent wrinkle, reduce dark age spots, reduce acne. anti-inflammatory.
Cork Tree (Thai Cork Tree or Dok-Peep)
Dok Peep is the flowers of the Northern Of Thailand.  It smells divine.  Ancient Thai use dried petal for medicine to drink as nourishing and to cure coughing and asthma. 

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