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   Hong Kong Cherdchai Hair and Beauty Center www.cherdchai.hk Shop I :  2/F Dannies House 20 Luard Road,  Wanchai,  Hong Kong Tel : + 852 2591 1921 Shop II: 1/F, 35 Amoy Street, Wanchai Hong Kong Tel : + 852 2527 2726 ..

The Founder The Founder

  The Founder Anchana Panyarachun Moss, friends call her Annie, is a Thai national living in Hong Kong. Prior to establishing Hohm, Annie was a successful executive in the entertainment industry. Annie has traveled extensively for business and for leisure. Being an advocate of spa enjoyment, she has always managed to squeeze in spa time in each destination. She has tried a wide range of spa and beauty products from al..

Our Philosophy Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy Hohm, pronounced "Ho Om" which means “Smelling Good" in Thai. Our philosophy is to offer you a uniquely divine skin care experience that boosts your senses. We at Hohm have leveraged upon the ancient art of aromatherapy used by various cultures throughout history for their natural healing powers and benefits. Our skin is a living, breathing organ, so complex that science is still discovering its secrets. Let’s give our skin the opp..