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Why does Hohm include aromatherapy in the products?

Aromatherapy is an alternative herbal medicine that uses essential oils and other aromatic plant extracts which are aimed at enhancing a person's health and mood. When using Hohm luxury skin care products, the essential oils are absorbed through the skin and inhaled. It is hardly surprising that our name is derived from the aroma of these miraculous essential oils. Hohm's versatile products make it so convenient to refresh oneself and nourish the skin at the same time.


Is a high concentration of essential oil best for my skin?
Essential Oil needs to be diluted. Concentrated products may be poisonous. At Hohm, we make sure the ingredients in our products are in harmony which is best for the skin. All Hohm luxury skin care products are ready to be used. Each product composition provides its users with enviably glowing healthy looking skin.


Why is Hohm's ingredients are not chosen from one single country?
Hohm's products are result oriented. Therefore, ingredients are very important. These ingredients are plant based. As we all know, plant based ingredients are very much affected by weather. Each part of the world has its unique plantation depending on the climate. As a result, Hohm chooses the best ingredients from all over the world.


Why is Hohm's Men series so popular?
Our female customers like the macho and attractive smell from the products that they bought for their male counterparts. Our male customers see men's grooming products as necessities. Men's skin care products have enjoyed the highest growth among men's grooming products in recent years. Men choose Hohm because men nowadays see supple skin and a welcoming smell is important to boost their masculinity. Hohm has it all handy for them.


What is so special about Hohm's massage oil?
Hohm currently has Muscle Firming Oil MUSCLE and TONE and Anti Cellulite Massage & Milk Bath Oil ZELLULITE ZERO. These oils are functional. Both oils show obvious results with our recommended directions.

Hohm's MUSCLE and TONE oil + Exercise = Firm Body Contours

Hohm's ZELLULITE ZERO oil + regular massage on targeted areas = Cellulite free skin


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