When is the best time to put on body lotion or oil?
The best time to put on lotion or oil is after a warm shower or a bath when the skin is clean and warm. The pores are more relax, which enhances the absorption of any nourishment. Next, before bedtime is also a good choice as your mind is calm and your body in relax, which allows your skin to absorb any nourishment easily. Last but not least, please remember to listen to your body, use as needed is always helpful.


When is a bad time to put on body lotion or oil?
It is not recommend to put on body lotion or oil when your skin have cuts or immediately after you shave your arms or your legs.


How to best apply body lotion or oil?
Apply the lotion from low to high direction or anti-gravity direction. Place a generous amount in your hands. For your legs, rub from your ankles, to your thigh and to your bottom. For your arms, rub from your hand to your shoulder. Circular motion is also very helpful to enhance blood circulation. Massage your body with body lotion or oil is very good and stimulating, which is essential for attractive healthy skin.


Is it recommended to perform a patch test when trying any new skin products?
Yes, it is recommended to test any new body lotion or oil on a small part of your skin before applying to your body. Any allergies arise, stop using the product or consult your doctor. 


Does lifestyle affect my skin?
Yes, lifestyle plays an important role in the condition of your skin. It is true that you are what you do and you are what your eat. Regular exercise is necessary. Sweat it all out the toxins in your body. Replenish yourself with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and omega 3 enriched food e.g. salmon or flax oil. Cut out or minimize your smoking, alcohol and caffeine intake. At the same time, try to avoid the mid-day sun from 11am to 3pm. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat when you go under the hot sun.


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